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Customer Care

Dear Customer,


This store values the integrity of the customer as well as their safety. All customers who become members also have something to look out for. For this, we follow some principles that we need to follow, and that those who become members to communicate and participate in our launches and events, need to be aware:


  1. This store is based on the Marco Civil document of the Internet in Brazil and follows its principles.

  2. High security and total privacy, respecting the confidentiality of all information provided, this is the Privacy Policy of Marilza Loubach website

  3. We will not disclose your emails to third parties without prior authorization. All personal data registered in our database are preserved, except when requested by court order, extra-judicial notification and / or strict compliance with legal duty.

  4. It is up to the customer whether or not to provide the receipt of information material sent by us.

  5. Password control is the responsibility of the customer. Never reveal your password to another person and modify it periodically. Avoid obvious passwords. Create a password that combines numbers and letters. Remember that your password is personal and non-transferable. Do not share it with anyone, for your own safety.



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